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The Avengers (2012)

Last post on 12/09/12 at 07:29 AM CT by sreekirch

The avengers is a wholesome gift for summer movie goers. There are lot of action set pieces, some hard hitting dialogs and great super hero the HULK in it, We get the best HULK smash in the film. Iron man is another cool character performed by Downey Jr. He and Ruffalo share excellent screen space understanding each other and arguing at times. 


Last post on 12/09/12 at 07:25 AM CT by sreekirch

I still didn't got time to watch skyfall. But I will surely catch the Imax version soon. Then I'll speak about the film

World War Z

Last post on 12/06/12 at 09:45 AM CT by FSUNoles27TS

Can't wait to see this movie. Might be the first Zombie movie with an A-List celebrity like Pitt. This is going to be an awesome ride. Will be going to the theatre for this one.

Seven Psychopaths

Last post on 12/03/12 at 12:40 AM CT by aliena

This is a clever story about a psychopathic.


Last post on 12/02/12 at 08:45 PM CT by Chris Kavan

Argo just passed $100 million over the weekend. It doesn't necessarily make it a lock for the top Oscar awards, but since it has been a hit with critics and audiences, I would say it's easily one of the front-runners.

Matador's Mistress, A ( Manolete )

Last post on 11/30/12 at 06:23 PM CT by Sparkle

I agree. I love Adrian Brody and knew about this movie long before it came to America. It's not to everyone's taste but I love history and this is based on a true story plus I am Spanish. I loved the movie and will buy it if it comes out on DVD.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Last post on 11/26/12 at 10:13 PM CT by Chris Kavan

I agree that Christmas Vacation is an excellent film but nothing can replace A Christmas Story on my top Christmas film list. But, I will say, it's a very close decision. I think it's a generation thing - for the longest time I bet It's a Wonderful Life was just about everyone's favorite movie.I'm also partial the the original Grinch and Rudolph animated films - even A Charlie Brown Christmas is great for nostalgia.

Man of Steel

Last post on 11/19/12 at 07:11 PM CT by Chris Kavan

A full-length trailer would be appreciated - I still have hopes that Snyder will be able to finally giver Superman the film he deserves. I haven't been watching the development that closely, but believe me, as soon as a major trailer is released, I'll sound off.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Last post on 11/13/12 at 11:02 AM CT by Chris Kavan

I'm no Twilight fan, but there's no doubt this is going to blow away the competition this weekend (yes, even James Bond). I can't complain too much, as I support other franchises (mainly Star Wars and the now-completed Harry Potter series).Are there any die-hard fans out there looking forward to this? And any predictions on how much money this is going to rake in over the weekend?

Wreck-It Ralph

Last post on 11/06/12 at 02:38 AM CT by aliena

This weekend I have planned. Thanks

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Last post on 11/05/12 at 09:04 AM CT by smeagol

its a ok movie. the main problem is the silly concept of abraham lincoln they should of called it something else and just had the movie as some ole time vampire hunter then it would be a ok film.the problem is its such  silly idear yet such a serious movie which makes you think wtf.some of the effects were poor as well but generally its alright

Silver Linings Playbook

Last post on 11/01/12 at 04:08 PM CT by Snoogans

I'm very much looking forward to this.  The completely positive response only fuels my want to see it.

Cloud Atlas

Last post on 10/31/12 at 09:26 AM CT by LeeAnn M.

I have not seen Cloud Atlas yet, although I plan on seeing it very soon. I don't plan on getting too bogged down with the details when I do see it, but rather see it in a very relaxed state of mind. With six different storylines merging into one, it sounds like it can get very confusing if you let it.

Fear and Desire

Last post on 10/28/12 at 11:36 AM CT by Alex

Paths of Glory is great. The Killing is one of the top 100 movies of all time. If you have not seen either of these add them to the top of your list.

Safety Not Guaranteed

Last post on 10/26/12 at 09:49 AM CT by Ionut valentin

nothing worth mention. the ideea popped, and they start filming... poor us, nothing... but...absolutely...nothin '...

Paranormal Activity 4

Last post on 10/22/12 at 12:16 PM CT by Chris Kavan

I was right - they're already planning Paranormal Activity 5 for next Halloween - despite a bit lower-than-expected opening weekend.


Last post on 10/18/12 at 08:30 AM CT by smeagol

wouldn't  call it horror at all.its just about a weird creepy girl who's not right in the head lol. good acting but nothing happens till the last 10 seconds  of the movie

House at the End of the Street

Last post on 10/13/12 at 07:12 PM CT by Lauren

I liked the movie a lot actually. I am now convinced Jennifer Lawrence can play any role. She is very good in this movie. Also, the plot is good and the ending is completely unexpected. It's not a horror movie though. You completely suspect everything "scary" that is thrown at you. I would say it's more of a mystery-action adventure. 

The Master (2012)

Last post on 10/13/12 at 01:48 AM CT by Snoogans

I think the movie is solely a piece about the main character Freddie and also his relationship with Dodd.  I found the best scenes in the film are the ones that they share together, just the two of them.  Freddie does go through some sort of psychological progression, but I never understood where he ended up.  I didn't feel that I was with him on his journey to better himself, but rather watching it from a distance and trying to study it.  To me, the final scene is …


Last post on 10/11/12 at 04:36 AM CT by

Sinister movie is so horror i will watch first time this i must scare.

Taken 2

Last post on 10/10/12 at 07:20 PM CT by LeeAnn M.

I've just read that Taken 3 is in the works. Who are they going to take now, the grandparents?

The Lords of Salem

Last post on 10/04/12 at 10:55 PM CT by MikePA

As you might have read in The Devil's Rejects forum (many of you probably haven't), I really like Rob Zombie as a director. I actually think his Halloween remake is just as good as the original (I might even like it more). The first trailer to The Lords of Salem came out, and I gotta say I'm soo on board. You don't get plot or characters in this trailer, but you get mood and atmosphere, and I love that Zombie decided to move into that teritory instead of making a full-on slasher flick. …


Last post on 10/04/12 at 02:06 PM CT by smeagol

'im looking forward to this movie. if its anywhere near as good as the reviews i will be happy as my type of movie.its about time something good came out its pretty dire lately quality wise

The FP

Last post on 10/02/12 at 04:19 PM CT by Chris Kavan

I totally think this is worth at least a rental - it might make you question humanity and the things we do, but I mean that in the best possible way.

Ulysses' Gaze ( vlemma tou Odyssea, To )

Last post on 09/30/12 at 07:54 AM CT by Thomas

It is one of the best films ever made.I'm very proud that I am Greek and this film is a very important reason,because this film isa Greek production and it is directed by the master of filmmaking in Greece,the Greek Kurosawa,Theo Angelopoulos.Furthermore, Harvey Keitel gives his best performance ever.As Keitel said,it is his favourite film that he ever participated. 4/4 of course,no doubt.

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