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Happy Tears

Last post on 09/23/12 at 10:51 PM CT by MARNI

Independent dark comedy about two sisters dealing with their fatherís growing dementia. I wasnít that excited by the story itself, but I was really drawn in by the performances of Parker Posey as the quirky spoiled rich daughter and Ellen Barkin as the dadís crack whore girlfriend. I would watch it a second time just to be entertained by these two again. Plus Parker Poseyís hair was super cute in this movie.

Resident Evil: Retribution

Last post on 09/22/12 at 12:40 AM CT by Snoogans

I never cared for this series, as a whole, and only enjoyed certain moments in the first two films.  The action has just gotten more repetitive and uninteresting with each sequel.  Others tell me that it's all just 'dumb fun', but I don't see any fun in watching what is essentially a video game cut scene stretched to 90 min.  This (5th?!) entry looks to be the most monotonous seen thus far.

The Possession (2012)

Last post on 09/21/12 at 03:47 AM CT by manchesterteddy

pretty good film really, a few scary moments nothing jumpy but more horrible looking. People should watch it though!!

Take Shelter

Last post on 09/20/12 at 10:00 PM CT by MikePA

^^^^ definitely one of my favorite films of 2011*** sorry, weird typo 

TRON: Legacy

Last post on 09/20/12 at 02:11 AM CT by phantom

I loved this movie. I mean there's stuff that doesn't make sense if you stop to think about it. Let's be honest that could be said of many movies.In 3D and blu-ray this movie looks amazing.I totally agree with you Chris aka Tarkin, Flynn Abides

Dredd (2012)

Last post on 09/17/12 at 04:23 AM CT by Snoogans

I'd say this will get a low, but fair, box office return due to it's lack of mainstream appeal.  I plan on seeing it opening weekend.  My interest has peaked, thanks to universally positive reviews and some awesome clips and trailers.

Last Ounce of Courage

Last post on 09/15/12 at 03:37 AM CT by Cynthia

I sure hope that people will give this wonderful, moving flick a chance. I think this movie should be required for every American to watch!! The youth in our Country have No appreciation for the freedom they have and for the men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedom to chose!! WONDERFUL MOVIE!!! EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS. NO BIG NAMES BUT BIG MESSAGE!!! YES, YES, YES!!

Star Trek Into Darkness

Last post on 09/11/12 at 10:52 AM CT by Alex

I doubt they cut out the lens flare - that's his style but hopefully they cut out the bad cheesiness  of the first one. The beaming of Scotty into the water tunnel almost ruined the movie for me. 

To All a Goodnight

Last post on 09/09/12 at 04:14 PM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

To All a Goodnight  Has anyone seen this rare seasonal slasher film? It pre-dated Silent Night Deadly Night by four years, was the first horror film to feature a killer Santa.  

Bastard Out of Carolina

Last post on 09/09/12 at 04:13 PM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

Bastard Out of Carolina  Did this movie go to far in pushing the envelope with the rape scene featuring the young girl? 

Fatal Attraction

Last post on 09/01/12 at 10:06 AM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

It's pathetic, these lame clones of Fatal Attraction. None of them can even come close to the power and excellent film-making of Fatal Attraction. 


Last post on 09/01/12 at 12:20 AM CT by Snoogans

That was a great stinger of an ending.  Classic horror finale.


Last post on 08/31/12 at 02:53 AM CT by Strangebird

Okay, don't laugh, but this is the first movie that ever made me cry incoherently!  It's the original "Ghost".  Sorry people, but "Buster and Billie" & "Sandcastles" were really good Jan-Michael Vincent movies, 'course I was a preteen, so I'm pretty sure I wasn't the best judge.  Anybody else out there who saw these?

The Exorcist

Last post on 08/30/12 at 05:34 PM CT by Snoogans

The exorcism at the end of the film is still one of the greatest movie scenes of all time.  The Exorcist is just an enduring piece of cinema and easily one of the top horror films.  It stands up over time, because it is well made and provocatively entertaining.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Last post on 08/30/12 at 01:08 PM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

Hostel would have sent them running in the streets back in the 80's. I like this film, and it is a classic, in my opinion. One I would recommend, along with To All A Goodnight.To All a Goodnight

American Gothic

Last post on 08/30/12 at 06:05 AM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

American Gothic-love it or hate it?American GothicAmerican Gothic (1988)4/4 starsBrilliant, highly underrated horror/comedy about group of twenty-somethings stalked by a backwoods family. Rod Steiger is excellent as Pa, the Bible thumping, maniacal lead. Janet Wright steals the show as Fanny, the woman/child lunatic.

view review +

Hell Night

Last post on 08/30/12 at 05:56 AM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

Hell Night (1981)4/4 starsVery scary, much overlooked horror film that is both chilling and atmospheric. Great plot, direction and soundtrack!view review +What did you think of this movie?

Death Ship

Last post on 08/30/12 at 05:55 AM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

Death Ship   Another under appreciated horror film?

Silver Bullet (1985)

Last post on 08/30/12 at 05:49 AM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

What did you think of this film?Silver Bullet (1985)4/4 starsUltra-scary and at times humorous adaptation of the Stephen King novella 'Cycle Of The Werewolf'. view review +

Defiance (2008)

Last post on 08/30/12 at 05:47 AM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

Defiance (2008)3/4 starsRealistic, excellent movie. Craig is outstanding in this true story.view review +

Making Love

Last post on 08/30/12 at 05:35 AM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

Do movies like this attract your curiosity or steer you away?

ATM (2012)

Last post on 08/28/12 at 10:31 PM CT by MikePA

Ok, ok, call it a disgraceful piece of crap all you want. Is this thing anything close of a masterpiece? My God, no. But, you know what, I found myself enjoying this movie. Undeniably the acting is horrendous, and the dialogue is laughably bad, but I kind of enjoyed it for what it was. It has cool moments. To me, it's one of those movies to rent on netflix or stream just if you're in the mood for so-bad-it's-kinda-fun type film. I certainly didn't find it agonizingly painful to survive …

The Expendables 2

Last post on 08/24/12 at 06:45 AM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

I wasn't fond of the first film. I don't intend to put myself through a sequel.

The Devil's Rejects

Last post on 08/24/12 at 06:40 AM CT by Kyle(The Rebel)

I found this movie, like other Rob Zombie movies I've seen, repugnant and sickening.  Pure trash.

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